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Model 26-RK


  • Ready-To-Go Kit in Rugged Case
  • Two Friskers for Measuring Contamination on People and Objects
    • Model 26-3 with Alpha-Beta-Gamma GM Detector
    • Model 26S with Gamma Scintillation Detector
    • Simple Three-Button Operation
    • Count Rate, Dose/Exposure, and Counting Alarms
    • Includes Dose Filter for Model 26-3

The Model 26-RK consists of two friskers, the Model 26-3 with an integrated pancake GM detector and the Model 26S with an integrated scintillation detector, packaged in a rugged transport and storage case. These integrated instruments don't have detector cables, thereby simplifying the process of frisking.


Alpha and Beta Contamination: Use the Model 26-3 without dose filter for measurements of possible alpha and beta contamination.

Gamma Contamination: Use the Model 26S to find low levels of gamma radiation or to find gamma sources.

Ambient Equivalent Dose: Use the Model 26-3 with dose filter to measure ambient equivalent dose, up to 1 Rem/hr.

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