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Nuclear Power / Products

Model 54A Small Article Monitor

Automated, routine contamination frisker type instruments like Ludlum's Small Article Monitor are part of a well-proven methodology for ensuring that items leaving controlled areas are clean.

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Model 239-1F Series Alpha-Beta Floor Contamination Monitor

The Model 239-1F Floor Monitor is a gas proportional floor monitor detector mounted on a roll-around cart.

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Model 3100 Portable Tritium in Air Monitor

The Model 3100 Tritium in Air Monitor features ruggedized and flexible operation.

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Model 4906P Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hand & Foot Monitor

The Model 4906A is an industrial-duty, low-cost, alpha-only contamination monitoring system for the hands and shoes of personnel.

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HBP-29 Body Contamination Monitor

Part of the Ludlum GmbH product line, the Model HBP-29 is a whole-body contamination monitor designed to measure personnel leaving controlled areas.

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Model 4525 Series Radiation Portal Monitors

These systems are composed of ruggedized, large plastic scintillation detectors optimally arranged to monitor items passing through.

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