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Drill Rod

Drill Rod for the 3500® Xplorer and the CPN Series Gauges.

Scraper Plate

Steel Scraper Plate/Guide Plate

Extraction Tool

Extraction Tool with Grip

Nuclear Gauge Batteries

All batteries included.

Long Shank Lock

Long Shank Lock-KEY P812

AC Charger - 3430+, 3440+ & 3450 Gauges

AC Charger for New 3430+/3440+/3450 120V

Smart Chargers

Charge your nuclear gauge batteries outside the gauge with the InstroTek Smart Charger.

DC Lighter Charger

DC Charger for Gauges - Car Charger

Type A Molded Shipping Case - Nuclear Gauge

Molded Shipping Case, Type-A, Water-Resistant with Labels

CPN Shipping Case

Type A tested, Water Resistant w/ Labels

Leak Test Kit

Single, pack of 4 or 10 (best value)

Smart-MC Upgrade

Smart-MC™ is a simple, drop-in upgrade which gives new life to your older MC-1DRP and MC-3 gauges.

Smart-Panel Upgrade

Upgrade your 3411 with SmartPanel, and gain the same functionality and features of newer model gauges