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Smart-Panel Upgrade

Upgrade your 3411 with SmartPanel, and gain the same functionality and features of newer model gauges

InstroTek's SmartPanel allows the 3411B owners to upgrade their gauges at fraction of the price of a new gauge. Simply remove the old front panel, replace it with the SmartPanel and start using the many advanced electronic and software features. Upgraded features include RS232 communication, backlight for night use, self-test features and many more. SmartPanel is also more reliable and less expensive than replacing old circuit boards.

  • Drop in replacement. No other parts required
  • 2 line easy to read display
  • LCD backlight feature for night work
  • Built in Stat and Drift test routines
  • No depth, offset or On/Off mechanical switches. All functions performed by membrane switches on keypad.
  • RS232 communication
  • Calibration constants can be input from keypad or through a PC program. No PROM to swap or change
  • Moisture, Density and trench offset features
  • Auto scroll features for hands-off recording of data
  • Intelligent charging control features to preserve battery life
  • SmartPanel holds the Standard Count even when gauge is turned off
  • 90-day warranty
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