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Non-Nuclear Gauge Products

PaveScan™- Density Meter

The InstroTek PaveScan Powered by GSSI Technology is the first non-nuclear rolling density system that provides real-time compaction and density data for the entire paving project. Proper compaction is the most important factor in producing long-lasting pavements. The PaveScan uses multiple sensors to continuously scan the entire pavement and provide a density profile of the entire paving project. The operator pushes the cart along the lane and gathers density data behind the asphalt rollers. The onboard computer displays density, compaction, a line graph, and a contour map of the measurements. This information is used by contractors and pavement engineers to assess the quality of the pavement.   

PaveScan® Mix Design Module (MDM)

PaveScan Mix Design Module (MDM), is an innovative system used to create a correlation between the dielectric value of the mix and the asphalt density at different percent air voids. This correlation can then be entered into the PaveScan, Non-nuclear Rolling Density Measurement System (RDM), and used as a powerful QC/QA tool for accurate density measurements of the entire asphalt pavement. Quality process control using PaveScan MDM and RDM means all pavements and longitudinal joints can be compacted to specification in real-time. 


The InstroTek NoNuke is a highly advanced dielectric asphalt density gauge specifically designed to increase accuracy and dependability.