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Flood Sources

Perflexion Flood Source

Eckert and Ziegler Isotope Products Perflexion flood source eliminates bulk and weight with its unique tungsten composite shield. With superior uniformity, low impurities and excellent durability, Perflexion makes every other source obsolete.

C-Thru Series™

C-Thru’s source holder is made of transparent, durable plastic. The radioactive area is clearly visible, enabling the C-Thru source to be easily positioned on the camera head. 


This flood source provides a uniform field of radiation for evaluation of nuclear medicine gamma camera performance, allowing detection and correction of any camera malfunction prior to diagnostic use.

Radiation Monitoring Equipment

CAP-RAD Smart Area Monitor

The Capintec™ CAP-RAD Smart Area Monitor is network ready, with a large easy-to-read display.

Mirion RDS-31S Survey Meter with Pancake Probe GMP-25

The RDS-31 meter, together with GMP-25 pancake Gamma Probe, is a versatile radiation detector and survey meter Used for measuring alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation.

RAD-60™ Electronic Dosimeter

The RAD-60 Personal Alarm Dosimeter is a precise radiation measuring instrument for reliable detection and registration of radiation in order to ensure the personal safety of the user.

RDS-80™ Contamination Survey Meter

The RDS-80 Surface Contamination Meter is a versatile contamination detector that has been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of radiation protection in nuclear industry.

Holder for Check Source for Survey Meters

Mechanical type check source holder.

Dose calibrators and Accessories

CRC ® - 55tR Dose Calibrator

Provides the speed and accuracy you need to measure and prepare doses with the reliability and performance you expect from Capintec.

CRC ® - 55tPET Dose Calibrator

The new Capintec CRC®-55tPET Dose Calibrator gives you the ultimate features in the industry’s finest package.

CRC ® 5tW Dose Calibrator/Well Counter

As a combination of the new CRC®-55tR Dose Calibrator and Well Counter, the CRC®-55tW’s dose calibrator provides advanced features with the speed and accuracy you need to measure activity and prepare doses.

CRC ® PC Smart Chamber

The new Capintec CRC-PC Smart Chamber combines Capintec’s well-known and highly reliable measurement chamber with an innovative Web-based user interface to meet today’s business requirements.

CRC ® 77tHR Dose Calibrator

The CRC®-77tHR’s performance and reliability have been designed to meet the unique and demanding needs of the high-activity isotope manufacturing and radiopharmaceutical production environments.

Contamination Monitors

LB 124 Series

The contamination monitor LB 124 SCINT Series, with simultaneous and separate measurement of alpha and beta-gamma radiation, are based on innovative scintillation technology. The compact and precise contamination measuring instruments are versatile and can be used flexibly in practical radiation protection.

Validation and QC Tools


Many laboratories are subject to quality management (QM). In order to facilitate the QC of the Multi Crystal LB 2111 Gamma Counter, single-tube or 12-tube 129I or 57Co sources of 2 KBq/tube are available. The instrument´s operating software – both the stand-alone version as well as MikroWin – support QM requirements, including checking efficiency, absolute & relative background, relative detector efficiency, and high voltage adjustment.