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Nuclear Gauges

Xplorer 2®

The All NEW Model Xplorer 2 offers the latest in nuclear gauge technology with advanced features and increased dependability.

Xplorer 3500 Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauge

InstroTek Model 3500 Xplorer nuclear moisture density gauge is designed to provide superior performance, with design experience and expertise that is unmatched in our industry.

MC-1 Elite™- Moisture Testing Gauge

The MC-1 Elite is the most accurate and easy-to-use moisture/density testing instrument available.

MC-3 Elite™- Advanced Nuclear Density Gauge

The MC-3 Elite is InstroTek’s newest and most advanced nuclear density gauge. We’ve listened to feedback from our customers and made upgrades in all the right areas. MC-3 Elite features a simple operator interface, NEW large backlit LCD display, illuminated keypad, precision machined base and surface mount electronic technology. The gauge is built to withstand the toughest construction and testing environments and is derived from over 40 years of field experience.

Smart-MC Upgrade

Smart-MC™ is a simple, drop-in upgrade which gives new life to your older MC-1DRP and MC-3 gauges.

Smart-Panel Upgrade

Upgrade your 3411 with SmartPanel, and gain the same functionality and features of newer model gauges

Xplorer 3500 Upgrade

The Xplorer 2 Upgrade is a simple drop-in replacement for the original Xplorer 3500 nuclear gauge electronics. This upgrade includes many advanced features. Installation only takes minutes and can be performed with just a few simple tools. Get your upgrade today and start taking advantage of these great new features!

SMART 503 Upgrade

The new SMART 503, a drop-in upgrade for your CPN Hydroprobe, dramatically enhances the functionality and performance of your existing gauge.  The upgrade is specifically designed to provide a variety of new, operator friendly features that bring today’s technology to the Hydroprobe .  CPN’s SMART 503 offers a new 4 x 20 character backlit LCD, longer lasting lithium-ion batteries and the ability to store and download test data via a built-in USB port.

SmartPanel 2 - Troxler 3440 Upgrade

SmartPanel 2 is a simple, drop-in, electronic upgrade for your older legacy 3440 nuclear gauges. NEW features like Bluetooth®, GPS, USB download, and a battery port for gauge tracking devices make using the 3440 easier and safer than ever before.  SmartPanel 2, the latest features at a fraction of the cost. Upgrade your 3440 with SmartPanel 2, and gain the same functionality and features of newer model gauges.

503 ELITE Hydroprobe

The 503 ELITE Hydroprobe is a subsurface, accurate neutron probe designed to measure soil moisture. The Hyrdoprobe is an industry standard in soil management. It is the ultimate aid in irrigation scheduling, agronomic research, and environmental monitoring.

MCM-2 Hydrotector®

The all NEW MCM-2 Elite Hydrotector® non-destructive, moisture measurement gauge is designed for quick determination of water content in the thermal insulation of pipes and vessels at chemical and petrochemical plants.  Designed as a screening tool to rapidly locate areas of trapped moisture, the MCM-2 works well in conjunction with corrosion detection equipment to quickly detect areas where corrosion under insulation (CUI) is highly probable.