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Xplorer 2®

Xplorer 2® - Rugged  |  Dependable  |  Advanced

The All NEW Xplorer 2™ offers the latest in nuclear gauge technology with advanced features and increased dependability.


The Xplorer 2™** is a new upgraded nuclear gauge that is carefully hand-built with the highest quality electrical components and precision machined parts.  Each gauge is carefully tested and checked for durability and peak performance.  Confidence in the reliability of the Xplorer 2 is why we offer an industry first 3-year warranty, and low-cost replacement parts to keep ownership costs down saving you thousands over the life of the gauge. 

To place an order or request a quote, call us at +1 (800) 661-4591 x233*

Comes with:

  • Standard block
  • Transport case
  • Scraper plate
  • Drill rod and extraction tool
  • AC and DC chargers
  • Long shank locks
  • USB flash drive
  • Valid calibration and leak test

* Offer valid while quantities last. Shipping and taxes extra.

** Valid CNSC Licence required


  • Large backlit LCD and keypad makes reading test results easy at night or in direct sunlight.
  • Displays GPS geographic coordinates and altitude information
  • Bluetooth® enabled for easy data transfer to any Android® smartphone or tablet
  • Reporting software built into the new X2 Mobile Application can send all test results via email with just a few clicks
  • USB Port for quick download of all test data
  • 9 volt backup battery to keep you on the job, in case the main battery runs out
  • First nuclear gauge with an integrated battery port for connection to supported external gauge position monitoring/tracking devices
  • First 3-year warranty in the industry at no additional cost
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