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Emergency Responders / Products

Model 3001-2RK Emergency Response & NORM Kit

The Model 3001-2RK is composed of two dependable, high-quality detectors matched with the versatile Model 3001 survey meter.

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Model 52-1, 52-5 & 52-6 Series Portable Portal Monitors

The Model 52-1, 52-5, and 52-6 Series Portal Monitors are used for beta-gamma personnel contamination monitoring and meet the FEMA standard for Emergency Response Portal Monitoring.

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Model 711i Isotope Identifier with Internal Detector

The Model 711i Isotope Identifier is a simple tool to quickly locate any abnormal levels of radioactivity and to accurately identify the isotopes present. 

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Model 25-IS Series Intrinsically Safe Personal Radiation Monitor

The Model 25-IS and Model 25-IS-1 are intrinsically safe versions of the Model 25 Series Personal Radiation Monitors.

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Model 26-1 Dose Integrated Frisker with Dose Equivalent Filter

The Model 26-1 uses a time-tested GM detector in an ergonomically designed, ruggedly constructed, and water-resistant housing using cable-less design.

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