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Model 3001-2RK


  • Ready-to-Go Kit in Rugged Case
  • Ergonomic Survey Meter with 4 Selectable and Configurable Detector Settings
  • Measures Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Contamination
  • Convenient In-Field Detector Switching
  • For Emergency Response or NORM Applications
  • Includes:
    • Model 3001 Multi-Detector Survey Meter
    • Model 44-9 Alpha-Beta-Gamma Detector
    • Model 44-2 High Energy Gamma Detector
    • Check Source, Cable, Batteries

The Model 3001-2RK is composed of two dependable, high-quality detectors matched with the versatile Model 3001 survey meter and packaged in a rugged transport and storage case.

The Model 3001 can be configured with up to four detector setups, enabling the user to quickly exchange detectors in the field. Once the detector system is configured, a user can select a detector’s parameters with a press of a button and choose the desired measurement units and operation mode.

The kit includes the Model 44-9 alpha-beta-gamma detector for general survey measurements and the Model 44-2 high-sensitivity gamma detector for locating the source of high readings. The case is cushioned with dense foam padding, and has a large, comfortable grip, a manual pressure relief valve, and padlockable hasps. The kit also includes a 1 µCi (137Cs) check source, check source holder, cable, and batteries, making this kit ready-to-go for emergency response or NORM applications.

Ludlum offers several versions of pre-packaged response kits suitable for a wide variety of applications. If you desire more or different detectors, or other changes to our standard kits, please contact us regarding a customized kit.

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