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Nuclear Medicine / Scrap Monitoring Systems

Model 4525 Series Radiation Portal Monitors

These systems are composed of ruggedized, large plastic scintillation detectors optimally arranged to monitor items passing through.

Model 375P-3500 Conveyor Monitor CE Label

Protecting steel mills against entry of loose radiation sources that can potentially contaminate them requires diligent attention. Failure can cost millions in fines and clean-up expenses. Ludlum's conveyor monitor offers added assurance by inserting a second line of defense.

Model 375P-1000
Outdoor Monitoring System
  • Two 7866 cm3 (480 in3) Plastic Scintillator Detectors
  • Range: 0 to 9999 kcps
  • Outdoor Use
Model 375P-2000
Outdoor Monitoring System
  • Four 7866 cm3 (480 in3) Plastic Scintillator Detectors
  • Outdoor Use