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Laundry Monitors

Model 329-32 Laundry Contamination Monitor

The Ludlum Model 329-32 Laundry Contamination Monitor is intended for automatic monitoring of both alpha and beta-gamma contamination on clothing or other light articles presumed to be free of radioactivity, or within release or reuse limits. A motor-driven steel-mesh conveyor belt carries articles between two gas proportional detector arrays. An audible alarm will sound when contamination exceeds the given alarm setpoint. A LED array spanning the belt shows the approximate position of the alarm on the conveyor, and provides the operator with the status of the machine. A dual LCD shows the counts and the current operating conditions, such as conveyor speed and gas flow. A security-code protected 20-key keypad also allows the changing of alarm set points, operating parameters, and other system information. The entire system is mobile, with lockable casters to prevent unwanted movement of the monitor.

Model HLM-22, HLM-3G Laundry Monitor

The Model HLM-22/HLM-3G Laundry Monitor is designed for the measurement and release of clothing items such as overalls, towels, and overshoes from controlled areas. Featuring automatic measurements and a stainless-steel grid conveyor, the Model HLM-22/HLM-3G provides precise and reliable detection of contamination.