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Survey Meter Calibration & Repair

Stuart Hunt & Associates has two facilities with in-house calibration labs. Our skilled technicians are capable of calibrating and repairing all types of radiation detection equipment including:

Both of our facilities provide services that meet the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's expectations for the calibration of radiation survey meters. Our Mississauga facility is unique in that it has achieved ISO17025 accreditation for its calibration work within the nuclear power industry. Our NIST traceable calibration ranges ensure consistent, high quality calibrations - every time. Our experienced team of technicians will ensure that the calibration of your instrument is completed within 10 days. Contact us, in situations where you need your survey meter returned quickly, one day turnaround and overnight shipping can be scheduled.

In addition to radiation survey meter calibration, our technicians can repair each meter we calibrate.

Stuart Hunt & Associates will work in partnership with you to keep your fleet of radiation detection equipment calibrated and in good working order.