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ACT™ Asphalt Compatibility Tester

Predict Passing TSR Values Quickly 

The Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT) is a fast, straightforward method to evaluate the adhesion properties of asphalt binder and aggregates in the mixture. This test uses LED light and detection system to measure the color change that may occur as a result of ASTM D 3625 (Boil Test Method). The Boil Test is an established test method that many state agencies require to quickly measure the adhesion strength of the asphalt binder to the aggregate surface. Currently, percent binder loss was determined visually by an operator.  Visual inspection is inaccurate and subjective. The InstroTek ACT reports a binder Loss Index value (L*) that is independent of operator judgment. Simply load the mixture, place the detection system on the sample and get your results in seconds. 

The ACT uses light reflection from the surface of the asphalt mixture to measure and quantify the color change of the asphalt mixture. The ACT quantifies the loss of asphalt binder without the need for visual inspection or technical judgment calls. Studies have shown there is a strong correlation between ACT results and AASHTO T283 indirect tensile strength ratio (TSR) values. The ACT can be calibrated to predict passing TSR value and allow users to evaluate the effects of gradation changes at the plant, changes in asphalt formulation, and other variations in the mix design that could affect TSR values.  

The ACT is simple to use, takes only minutes to set up, and is completely automatic. To perform a test, simply add the sample to the provided testing tray, place the detector (light sensor) on top of the sample, and press start. The ACT evaluates the mixture in seconds and displays the Color Index value on the screen.  Data can be stored and reviewed for further analysis.

Now, asphalt practitioners have a fast, simple, and effective tool to determine the adhesion compatibility of mixtures and the effect of binder formulation and anti-strip additives on TSR values.

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