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Model 4906P Alpha-Beta-Gamma Hand & Foot Monitor


  • Alpha Air Proportional Probes
  • Large LCD User Interface
  • Automatic Routines for Detector Setup and Alarm Calculations
  • Voice Prompts
  • Built-in Ethernet Interface
  • Single-Hand Operational Mode
  • Front Access to All Components for Repair/Calibration

The Model 4906A is an industrial-duty, low-cost, alpha-only contamination monitoring system for the hands and shoes of personnel. System status and areas of possible contamination are presented in a large color LCD making the process simple and user-friendly.

Counting is initiated by optical switches that activate six air-proportional-type detectors. Alarms annunciate locally and can be augmented with optional relays that will signal remote devices or a high-visibility alert light mounted on top of the unit. The built-in Ethernet interface supports connection to a network for gathering all count cycles along with permitting remote monitoring of the status of the instrument.

All maintenance can be performed from the front of the instrument. Hinged top covers make accessing detectors for repair or replacement convenient. Rear-mounted wheels allow the instrument to be transported from one location to another with relative ease.   

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