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Model 3276HFM Low Cost Hand & Foot Monitor

The Model 3276 is a versatile instrument that can be used for multiple radiation detection or measurement purposes. In this configuration, the Model 3276 is connected to both a Model 44-25 hand monitor detector and Model 44-26 foot monitor detector to monitor personnel for alpha, beta, and gamma contamination. An optional Model 44-9 detector can also be included for frisking.

The Model 3276 features a large, backlit, easy-to-read LCD screen and audible alarms and is controlled using a simple four-button interface. The unit body is made of lightweight, rugged aluminum. It is not intended for outdoor use and should be protected from splashing water.

The Model 3276 can measure radiation in count rate, exposure rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and scaler counts. In this configuration, three modes of operation are available – RATE, MAX, and COUNT – which can be selected by pressing the MODE button. Measurements can be collected in two sets of units (primary and secondary) for RATE and MAX modes in cps, cpm, Bq, dpm, R/hr, or Sv/h units. The user can switch between the two sets of units by pressing the UNITS button.

Instrument setup can be done either through the front-panel controls or via the Lumic Calibration Kit (PN: 4498-1018). Power is supplied by either four alkaline “AA” batteries or a 9 Vdc wall mount transformer. The Model 3276HFM is shipped ready to use with batteries, a wall transformer, and a calibration certificate.

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