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Model 215 Alpha Frisker Station CE Label

Ludlum Model 215 is a unique dual-purpose alpha contamination detection system that can be used as both a stationary detector and a mobile frisker. When alongside a glovebox, the operator can use this innovative device as a stationary hand frisker, then simply remove it from the charging stand for use as any other mobile alpha frisker.

This convenient, integrated detector design requires no batteries, P-10 counting gas, or cables, giving the user complete freedom in performing frisking duties. The large area, air proportional detector has built-in electronics, display, and capacitors that allow it to be operated up to 30 minutes before needing to be recharged. Fully discharged, the detector is ready for stationary operation within five minutes of being placed into the charger stand, and ready for mobile frisking within twenty minutes. The charging stand interfaces to a PC to facilitate setting parameters and running high voltage plateaus via an optional application program.

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