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Model 3277HFM Compact Alpha-Beta Hand & Foot Monitor

The Model 3277HFM Hand & Foot Monitor is intended for checking low-level alpha and beta contamination on personnel. The gasless system incorporates two scintillation detectors, one for the hand and one for the foot. An optional frisker scintillation detector can be included as well.

Measurement is a two-step process, measuring the hand and foot on one side at a time. To begin an automatic count, both the hand and foot must be placed on the respective detectors, activating the infrared (IR) sensor on each detector. User-friendly instructions and the status of each detector is clearly displayed on the large, color touch-screen. The instrument uses a minimum count time mode to automatically determine the count time based on background, alarm setpoints, and other factors. When the count is completed, either a “Clean” or “Alarm” message will be displayed, depending on the configured alarm set-points.

In “Idle” mode, the screen will display the current detector count rates (default) or the accumulated background rate.

If the system includes a frisker, the status of all three detectors are displayed in “Idle” mode, but only the active detector(s) (either both the hand and foot, or the frisker) are displayed when a count is performed. The frisk state is activated when the frisker is removed from the cradle, and the automatic hand and foot count is activated as described above. A lockout prevents the instrument from toggling the display between the frisker and the hand and foot detectors, so that whichever detector is activated first remains active until the sensor is no longer triggered.

The system can communicate through a standard Ethernet connection for remote monitoring. It is powered by a 100 - 240 Vac wall transformer. An optional battery backup is available to ensure constant power. Instrument setup can be done through the touch-screen display or via Ludlum’s Lumic Calibration Software.

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