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Model T-1031

The Model T-1031 is a digital gas timer intended to control the gas flow to and from detectors in a P-10 counting gas system at pressures less than 15 psi and flow rates of 100 cc/min or less. It has solenoid valves that are normally closed under loss of power and will cut off the flow of gas if power is lost.

The unit provides timed control of two solenoid valves. ON and OFF times are set by removing the six cover screws and setting two sets of BCD dip switches. The times are adjustable between 1 and 99 minutes. The right switch represents the 1's digit and the left switch the 10's digit. The ON and OFF banks are labeled on the circuit board for ease of identification.

Best results will be obtained by connecting both the inlet and outlet circuits of the detectors. Be aware that the outlet solenoid and any additional tubing downstream from the detector will increase restriction to flow and detector damage may occur if flow rates are excessive. The maximum recommended flow for the return side is around 100 cc/min. Make sure that the inlet circuit solenoid is upstream of the flow adjustment valve to prevent sudden uncontrolled flow to the detectors as the solenoid switches ON.

Each unit comes complete with hose barbs for 3 mm (1/8 in.) ID hose and a wall transformer (PN 21-9738).

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