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The DC1 control unit is derived from our well known CF2000 control unit and offers the majority of the same features but for controlling the BALTOSPOT Portable Constant potential series.

The unit can be distinguished from others by its two red handles and its slightly smaller size. Because power availability on sites is not that often easy to obtain, the DC1 unit uses the minimum power as possible. It also adapts to the different power supplies or variations without influencing the dose output or your image quality.

As always, Balteau is safety oriented and nothing has been left aside in that field. The waterproof ergonomic keypad and the large robust handles attached on the side are making it ideal for on site jobs as well as desktop uses. The 4 lines backlit clear display is giving at all time the necessary indications to the users about the status of operations. A convenient bright yellow cover is also protecting your unit when not in use.

  • Drives the constant potential generators
  • Automatic recognition system
  • Automatic preheating
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Works with up to 1000W generators
  • Parameters and last exposures held into memory
  • Several languages available
  • User friendly
Mains supply AC:
170 to 260 V
Frequency (Hz):
45 to 66 Hz
Duty cycle:
Operating temperature:
- 10 to +50 °C
kV min step:
1 kV
mA min step:
0,1 mA
Time min step (s):
1, up to 99 min 59 s
4 lines, green back lighting
100 last exposure
9,2 kg
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