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FV-2009 LCNDT LED FILM VIEWER window size; 20x6 cm

The FV-2009 LED Film Viewer was developed according to the standards of ISO 5580 Industrial Radiographic Illuminators. It has the features of the FV-2008, and added a powered LED area light source resulting in a viewer with high luminance with excellent uniformity. Its theoretical lifespan should exceed 50,000 hours.

Due to its portable, rugged and smart design, FV-2009 is extremely suitable for fieldwork. Films up to 4.0 H/D can be viewed, allowing it to meet the needs of daily use. It features constant current power, which helps, protect the LED, extending the life of the viewer. A low voltage PWM unlimited dimmer is used to enhance safety. It is equipped with both foot and hand modes.

  • Luminance: 73,000 cd/m² (229,000 Lux), Uniformity: 0.95
  • Portable
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs
  • Unlimited dimmer for LED
  • Life span of more than 50,000 hours
Max Luminance:
≥ 103,000Cd/M2 (323,420Lux)
Diffusion Factor:
Viewer window:
Surface temp. rise:
≤ 15℃ After 12 hours continues maximum luminance
85-264VAC 47~63Hz. (Full range)
17.9×5.5×2.6" 455×140×65mm (L*W*H)
5.5pounds (2.5kg)
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