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Headphone Jack

This modification for survey meters adds a headphone jack to the instrument body so headphones can be used to monitor click-per-event audio and audio alarms. Headphones are helpful when the instrument is being used in areas with high ambient noise levels or in areas where the audio would be distracting to others, such as in a medical or office environment.


Image Description Part Number


Headphone jack for most survey meters with cast aluminum housings. Headphone Jack Only:

Headphone Jack & Stereo/Mono Headphones:
Headphone jack for Model 9DP-Series ion chamber survey meters. Headphone Jack Only:

Headphone Jack & Stereo/Mono Headphones:


Headphone jack for Model 26-Series friskers. 4498-538
Headphone jack for Model 30-Series survey meters.  4498-697
Headphone jack for Model 3000-Series survey meters. 4498-555
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