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FV-2010 Plus LCNDT LED FILM VIEWER window size; 40×10 cm

The FV-2010 Plus Portable LED Film Viewer has been developed according to the standards of ISO 5580 Industrial Radiographic Illuminators. It features an LED bulb life expectancy of up to 50,000 viewing hours. With an ergonomic, portable and rugged design, the FV-2010 is suitable for lab or field work. Lightweight and easily portable, the unit excels as a stationary unit or as a mobile QC tool. The FV-2010 viewer has a fully adjustable intensity and is capable of reading a density of up to 4.5. The unit comes with removable light masks to view different sizes of film with ease.

  • Larger window size: 400×100mm (15.8×4 inch); 
  • FV-2010W Plus 440×80mm(fit to 480mm×100mm film) are available.
  • Max. Luminance:≥130,000Cd/M2(408,200Lux)
  • Electronic light masking(world first)
  • Low noise: Fan with temperature depended
  • 2 years free service guarantee
  • CE Approved
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