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Mammography Accreditation Phantom

The Ludlum Mammography Accreditation Phantom is intended for use as a key part of any Mammography Control Program.

The mammography phantom is designed to test the performance of a standard mammographic system and its ability to image small structures, similar to those found clinically, including calcified structures in ducts and tumor masses that are critical in the early detection of breast disease.

The key component of the phantom is a specialized 7.25 mm thick wax insert that contains 17 sets of test objects including aluminum oxide specks to simulate microcalcifications, six various length nylon fibers, and five different shaped targets to represent fibrous-type masses. The wax insert is surrounded by an acrylic cover creating a total thickness of 44.0 mm.

The Mammography Accreditation Phantom will aid in the monitoring of the overall performance of the standard imaging system, and will assure compliance with ACR (American College of Radiology) guidelines.

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