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Mammography High Contrast BR Test Plates with Resolution Test Pattern

The Ludlum Phototimer BR Test Plates and Resolution Test Pattern are designed for accurate assessment of the Mammography system performance in accordance with American College of Radiology and MQSA recommendations. Unlike acrylic, these testing slabs are manufactured with very tight thickness tolerances and more accurately simulate real breast tissue over the range of energies used in mammography. The BR Test Plates (50% glandular / 50% adipose) are the most commonly used. We include the recommended resolution pattern for mammography, 5.0 - 20.0 LP/mm (13 groups). Our phantom has not only the 0 and 90 degree angles for the test pattern but has also an added 45 degree angle recommended by current QA guidelines, particularly for digital mammography. The resolution pattern is embedded between polycarbonate shielding to protect it from wear or damage.

The phantom body consists of breast equivalent materials and features a cavity for the resolution pattern. This design enables consistent, reproducible positioning of the bar pattern at 4.5 cm above the breast support plate and 1 cm from the chest wall, cantered laterally (as recommended by the American College of Radiology).

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