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Model 3277/1

The Model 3277/1 is a wall-mount or desktop instrument that can be used for frisking personnel or objects for alpha and beta contamination. A large, color touch-screen displays alpha and beta readings simultaneously, and dual tone click-audio enables the user to easily distinguish between alpha and beta contamination. Power is supplied by either an internal, rechargeable battery or a 100 - 240 Vdc wall transformer. Battery life is approximately 8 hours under normal usage.



The Model 3277/1 is supplied with either a wall mount or a desktop mount. Mount type must be specified at time of order. The instrument can be used with either scintillation or proportional alpha-beta detectors (detectors are available separately). A list of compatible Ludlum detectors is provided below.

  • 7-inch Color Touch-Screen Display Shows All Readings Simultaneously in a Large, Simple Layout
  • Simple Setup and Use
  • Can Be Used with Various Scintillation or Proportional Detectors
  • Either Imperial or SI Units
  • Rechargeable Backup Battery
  • Automatic Background Subtraction During Measurements
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