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Stereo/Mono Headphones


  • Separate Volume Control for Each Ear Cup
  • Rugged ABS Plastic Head Strap
  • Snap-On Adapter with Dual Plug Sizes
  • Mono/Stereo Switch
  • Padded Ear Cups with Replaceable Cushions

These rugged switchable stereo/mono headphones provide oversized ear cups that comfortably reduce ambient noises while working in crowded or noisy areas. The adjustable head strap and sides enable custom fit, and the dual volume controls ensure a suitable hearing level for users. The cord is a hybrid of coiled middle length with straight ends to minimize tangling while allowing for a wide range of motion during use. The headphone cord comes with a 3.5 mm plug and a snap-on 1/4 inch adapter, and is attached to the earpiece with a reinforced connection.

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