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Case Model for 3000-Series

This case has the additional depth to accommodate the proportions of the Model 3000-Series of instruments. It is included with the Model 3000-based response kits to provide the necessary allowance for the included foam padding.

These transport and storage “satchel-type” cases are lightweight, but ruggedly built with impact-resistant shell, steel pins in the hinges, heavy duty latches, and comfortable, fold-down handles. The cases may be padlocked through the provided hasps for additional security for the instruments. The cases have a manual pressure equalization valve to give added protection to sensitive detectors during ambient air pressure changes encountered during air transport. Cases are designed to meet or exceed TSA and ATA standards. The case is lined with dense foam padding for further protection against impact during transportation or storage.

Ludlum carries a variety of cases to accommodate most instruments. Some special sizes and types are intended for use where the instrument requires a different shape or type. To determine what size best suits your needs, Ludlum advises that equipment be arranged with at least 2.5 to 5.1 cm (1 to 2 in.) of space for foam padding on all sides.

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