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Fluxo R180 - Solvent Based Developer

FLUXO R180 is a non aqeous developer which creates an opaque white background for fluorescent and visible penetrant testing. 

FLUXO R180 is a specific product for Low Temperature : it can be used at low temperature (<10°C) but also between 10°C and 50°C.

 • Thin, uniform and opaque coverage
 • Fast drying, even at low temperature
 • Excellent background contrast
 • Easy to clean

 • Aerosol Can 500mL 

 • ISO 3452 - Form d/e
 • ISO 3452-6 - Low Temperature
 • ASTM E1417 - ASTM E165
 • RCC-M Code / ASME
 • ASME B & PV Code - Sec V
 • Low in Sulphur & Halogens




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