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FUJIFILM Industrial X-Ray FILM IX150


A high speed, fine grain, high contrast ASTM Class III film suitable for inspection of a large variety of specimens with low-to-high kilovoltage X-ray and gamma ray sources. It is particularly useful when gamma ray sources of high activity are unavailable or when very thick specimens are to be inspected. It is also useful in X-ray diffraction work. IX150 is used in direct exposure techniques or with lead screens.


  • Heavy, multi-thick steel parts
  • Steel reinforced concrete
  • Low curie isotope and low-output X-ray exposures


Relative speed * Film system class *
100KV Direct 200KV with lead Ir-192 with lead Co-60 with lead ASTM E1815-96 ISO 11699-1 JIS K7627
200 200 170 170 III C6 T4



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