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An ultra-fine grain, high contrast ASTM Class I film having excellent sharpness and high discrimination characteristics. It is suitable for use with any low atomic number material where fine image detail is imperative. Its ultra-fine grain makes it useful in high-energy, low subject contrast applications where high curie isotopes or high output X-ray machines permit its use. Wide exposure latitude has been demonstrated in high subject contrast applications. IX50XD is generally used with lead screens.



  • Corrosion & Erosion of Oil and Gas pipes 
  • Pipe Welds
  • Turbine Blades for Power Generation


Relative speed * Film system class *
100KV Direct 200KV with lead Ir-192 with lead Co-60 with lead ASTM E1815-96 ISO 11699-1 JIS K7627
35 30 30 30 I C3 T2
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