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KARL DEUTSCH RMG 4015 Crack Depth Meter

Portable Crack Depth Measurement

Whether you want to evaluate the extension, orientation or inclination angle of a crack, or if you want to monitor the growth of a crack without increasing operation time, the Karl Deutsch RMG 4015 Crack Depth Meter has what you're looking for. The RMG 4015 is designed to measure crack depths on workpieces made of steel, iron and austenite, but can also be used to measure cracks on copper, brass, aluminum and most non-ferrous metals as well. Special probes are available for the measurement of inclined cracks. It is battery-operated and compact, making it highly portable, and with a wide variety of accompanying probes to choose from, the RMG 4015 has a solution, whatever your application.


The RMG 4015 uses the electrical potential principle: A probe with four spring-loaded and gilded contact pins is positioned across the crack to be measured on the workpiece. A constant alternating current is passed via two of the pins into the workpiece; the two other pins measure the voltage drop across the crack from which the depth of the crack is derived. The alternating current of the instrument utilizes the skin effect, which forces the current to follow the surface of the conductor and therefore, follows the contour of the crack. The operation and measured value formation are monitored by the microprocessor of the gauge.


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  • Small, battery operated mobile instrument
  • Displays the crack depth in mm or inches
  • Menu-guided operation
  • Crack depth measurement for inclined cracks in ferromagnetic materials
  • Orientation of inclined cracks determinable with special probe setup
  • Robust probe design
  • Three standard probes are available for most workpieces
  • Special probes are available for surfaces of complex shape and difficult accessibility crack locations
  • Sturdy, exchangeable and gold plated contact pins
  • Interface for printer and PC
  • Memory for measured crack depths
  • Fast evaluation (1 measurement per second)
  • Single and continuous measurement operation
  • Wide range of accessories: control blocks, polishing fleece and self twisting or needle contact pins
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