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Model 2000

The Model 2000 is a general purpose scaler typically used for counting samples. Rugged design and construction accommodates both benchtop and portable applications. The wide-ranging AC power supply and internal batteries are capable of powering the instrument upwards of 120 hours. The Model 2000 supports GM, proportional, and scintillator type detectors, and provides fine adjustment controls for setting the high-voltage and threshold settings.

The scaler reading is presented on a digital, six-digit readout LED that can be set to count from 0.1 to 999 minutes via a front-panel dip switch. An internal switch facilitates counting in seconds rather than minutes, if desired. Other front-panel controls include a start-count button, an HV/Bat switch for displaying the current value on the accompanying analog meter, and a three-way switch for selecting Power Off, Battery, or Line Power.

An RS-232 port on the rear panel allows connection to a PC or printer as set by a rear mounted switch (a RS-232 to USB adapter cable is included). When connected to a PC, the counting may be controlled and results recorded via application software.

  • General Purpose Scaler
  • Supports Wide Range of External Detectors
  • 95 to 250 Vac Power Input
  • Portable Battery Operation
  • RS-232 Interface to Printer or PC
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