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Model 2224-1

The Model 2224-1 is an optimized Alpha-Beta Scaler-Ratemeter that offers traditional analog readout, supplemented with a digital LCD for the scaler function. Simultaneous, separate counting of alpha and beta is featured on this instrument. A front-panel mounted, three-way switch facilitates selecting alpha only, beta only, or alpha plus beta. Other controls include a rotary switch for selecting one of four decades, battery test, or instrument shut-off; separate pushbuttons for testing the high voltage and resetting the counts; an audio volume adjustment knob; and a scaler count-start button located on the instrument handle. The instrument housing is cast aluminum, incorporating a separate battery compartment and an accompanying metal handle that promotes long-lasting protection and instrument life. A dipswitch control housed internally allows setting the scaler count time, audio divide-by value, and audible tone discrimination settings.


  • Alpha-Beta Scaler-Ratemeter
  • Analog Display with Digital Scaler Readout
  • Alpha-Beta Audio Discrimination
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