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Model 3019

The Model 3019 is a portable and versatile instrument with an internal detector used for background measurements of gamma radiation levels up to 500 µSv/h (50 mR/hr). The internal CsI scintillation detector has a sensitivity of 175 cpm per µR/hr. It features a large, easy-to-read LCD screen and audible alarms and is controlled using a simple five-button interface. The meter body is made of high-impact plastic and splash resistant construction allows the instrument to be used outdoors.



Three modes of operation are available - RATE, MAX, and COUNT - which can be selected by pressing the MODE button. Measurements can be collected in two sets of units (primary and secondary) for RATE and MAX modes in cps, cpm, mR/h, or µSv/h units. The user can switch between the two sets of units by pressing the UNITS button. A sigma audio mode can be enabled that allows the user to find small increases above the background radiation level. When enabled with the optional Lumic Data Logger Kit (see Options), data can be logged in any of the operational modes using the LOG button on the handle. Up to 1000 data points can be stored internally.

Instrument setup can be done either through the front-panel controls or via the Lumic Calibration Kit (see Options). The Model 3019 is shipped ready to use with batteries and calibration certificate.

Note: While the detector used in this instrument is sensitive and is often used for detection of near-background levels of radiation, its nonlinear energy response means that dose and exposure measurements may be over/underreported.

  • Very Sensitive Internal CsI Detector
  • Splash-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use
  • Large, Backlit, Easy-To-Read LCD Screen
  • Auto-Ranging
  • Rate, Max, and Count Modes
  • Sigma Audio Mode
  • All Digital Calibration
  • Lightweight yet Rugged
  • Simple 5-Button Interface
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