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Model 334AB Alpha-Beta Air Monitor

The Model 334AB is a lightweight, battery-powered, alpha-beta air monitor that can be used as a portable workplace monitor or a portable CAM (continuous air monitor) for emergency-response assessments. It is designed to provide workers with an early warning of an airborne release of alpha and beta emitting particulates. The instrument can monitor up to two alpha isotopes of interest, simultaneously with beta monitoring. It also has radon compensation and a built-in gamma guard detector to compensate for changing ambient gamma background levels.

The Model 334AB has an integrated LCD and touchscreen that displays information on instrument status and readings during operation. The estimated dose of the isotope(s) of interest and the instrument status are displayed at all times. An ion-implanted silicon detector and 1024-channel multi-channel analyzer feed data to the embedded processor board. Operations include beta detection and alpha spectral analysis for radon compensation. Acquired data may be saved in the instrument’s internal memory, or alternately may be written to an SD card for later retrieval and review. It is stored in comma-separated-variable (*.csv) format that is recognized by most spreadsheet and database software.

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