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Model 375

The Model 375 is a digital area monitor controller for radiation measurement or detection. Its simple design accommodates many different detectors, suiting a wide variety of applications, and is equipped with a large digital LED display and alarms. This versatile instrument may also be connected to optional auxiliary indicators/annunciators for alerting personnel at remote locations. The user-friendly, digital design enhances setup and operation. This unit may also be networked to a central PC-based station where data are logged and alarms posted.



This affordable and flexible system can be used in many different applications, and over the years Ludlum Measurements has developed a wide array of detectors, accessories, and options that can be included in a Model 375 system configuration. These include remote indicator alarms, printers, relay outputs, weather-proof enclosures, Ethernet networking software, industrial cameras, and more. See the link in the "Options" tab for more information about the options that are available.

There are several basic versions of the Model 375. In 2011, Ludlums released an updated version of the Model 375, but we still continue to offer the legacy version for some configurations. The specifications listed on this page are for the Model 375 released in 2011.

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