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Model 375-10

This wall-mounted area monitor with an internal NaI scintillation detector is simple to set up, use, and calibrate. The four-digit LED display is readable from 9 meters (30 feet) away. User-configurable alarm setpoints are easy to configure. Parameters are protected under a calibration cover, and further protected by an eight-hour battery backup. They are also stored in non-volatile memory that retains the information even if primary power is disconnected. The controller supplies local alarms but can be connected to external alarms, strobes, camera, or other recording and monitoring devices, or put onto an Ethernet network, if desired. The Model 375-10 includes the Model 375 Ethernet hardware option. It is also preprogrammed to use the Model 375 Webpage & Service Software that is available separately (Part Number 1370-077).

An optional lead shield can be included with the detector for applications that need to prevent alarms from low-energy sources. (Note: The lead shield option should not be used in applications that need to monitor low-energy sources, such as medical isotopes.)

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