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Model 375-Dual

The Model 375-Dual is a dual-channel digital area monitor controller based on the legacy version of the Model 375. It consists of two Model 375 controllers in one wall-mount chassis, each with its own detector connection. A common application is gamma and neutron monitoring: one controller monitors gamma radiation and the other monitors neutron radiation. This instrument may also be used to monitor radiation in two separate locations when used in conjunction with appropriate external detectors.

Each controller features a four-digit LED display that is readable from 9 meters (30 feet) away. Backlit indicators on each instrument warn of low radiation alarm (yellow), high radiation alarm (red), instrument failure (red), and low battery (yellow). A green status light indicates the instrument is functioning properly. Calibration parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and protected under calibration covers on each controller.

Detectors are not included and must be purchased separately. See the specifications below for compatible detector types.

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