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Model 52-8 Series

The Model 52-8 is a weather-resistant portable scintillation portal monitor used for beta-gamma radiation monitoring of vehicles, as well as monitoring of personnel. Two plastic scintillation detectors, one per side, are housed in weatherproof, dust-tight, impact-resistant cases with wheels and tow handles. Microprocessor-based electronics are housed in a third case with matching characteristics, plus a mounted On/Off toggle switch and an optional red/green strobe light. The system provides high sensitivity for detecting very low levels of radiation coming from personnel or vehicles that move through the portal.

Ease of setup, adjustable audio signals, and user-friendly LCD display that provides detector counts, background levels, and system parameters, and the ability to operate via vehicle cigarette lighter plug or batteries, keep the Model 52-8 applicable to a variety of different situations. This instrument meets the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standard for Emergency Management Response Portal Monitoring (FEMA-REP-21).

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