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Model L-007CT Head / Body / Pediatric CTDI Phantom

The Ludlum CT Head/Body/Pediatric CTDI (Computed Tomography Dose Index) Phantom, in combination with a specialized CT-Ion chamber, provides a means of determining the approximate dose to the patient for a given series of scans. The CT Head, Body, and Pediatric phantoms are designed in accordance with the FDA standard (21 CFR 1020.33) for diagnostic X-ray units, specifically as applied to CT systems. The CTDI sets are available in standard or nested configurations.

These phantoms can be used with any CT system and may be used to image and monitor adult head and body as well as pediatric dose requirements. The phantom sets consist of a group of head, body, and pediatric acrylic sections with five probe holes in each section. Acrylic rods are provided to seal the unused holes.

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