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UCI Hardness Scanner UT200

The UT200 is a universally usable, fully automated Hardness tester. The Die computer-controlled positioning offers the possibility for hardness testing on lines and surfaces as well as the fast and automated testing of numerous pieces in the production or the receiving area.

The combination of a fast, electric hardness testing procedure with a CNC-Machine for positioning and a comfortable windows-program offers new possibilities for material testing. The UT200 delivers results, which go beyond the conventional hardness testing. Besides serialmeasurings and linescans the inspection of the hardness on huge surfaces is in the focus.

The measuring of several thousand hardness values is done in short time and the summary of the values in a colored graph shows very well the structure in weldseans or the area from the base material to the hardened area.

The testload for this measurement can be adjusted to the material and the desired distance of the test indentation. The indenter is a vickers diamond. The for many years well established UCI measuring method ensures a precise and automated determination of the hardness values.

With the integrated function, the results can be shown as chart, histogram, linescan or colored hardness progress and printed for documentation. The graphics can be used by other programs as Bitmap.

Besides these applications, which are very interesting for research and developement, the machine can be used for constantly recurring testings of identical parts as well. Programmability and promptness are the key advantages.

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