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Model 2100


  • Fully Automated Operation
  • High Sensitivity Gamma Detector
  • Separate High & Low Gamma Energy Sampling
  • User-Adjustable Parameters
  • Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Remote Alarm Output
  • USB Ports for ID Input Devices

The Model 2100 automated sample counting system processes sample steel slugs to determine whether any radioactive impurities exist. The gamma radiation counting system is a table-mounted, fully integrated design that includes a gamma detector, sample conveyor, and controller to facilitate automated processing.

Once the sample has been positioned on the conveyor, an infrared sensor automatically initiates conveyance of the sample into the lead shielded detector where it is counted for a predetermined time. Once the count is completed, the conveyor again advances until the sample drops into a discard container.

The counting electronics incorporates two channels to distinguish between low and high energy gamma isotopes. All parameters, such as alarm point and count time are user-adjustable from the front panel LCD touch screen via a simple menu selection.  

Measurement results for each sample are displayed on the backlit LCD. An Ethernet port reports all results and system status in real time for remote data logging and alarm annunciation. Visual and audible alarms are annunciated via the system's LCD and rear panel mounted buzzer respectively. A built-in relay provides a method for driving an external horn/strobe (available as an option).

One rear panel mounted USB port enables connection to either a keyboard or barcode reader device for the purpose of entering sample IDs.

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