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Model 23-1


  • Low Weight and Slim Design
  • X-ray and Gamma Radiation Monitoring
  • Audible Alarm
  • 600 Record Data Logging Option Available

The Ludlum Model 23-1 mSv Electronic Personal Dosimeter is a compact and lightweight (60 g / 2 oz) pen-type personal dosimeter. It is ideal for the measurement and general monitoring of gamma and X-ray radiation in medical and laboratory environments, as well as any controlled or restricted area where personal radiation monitoring is required or desired. The unit is sensitive to a wide range of energies from 35 keV to 3 MeV. Dose, Dose Equivalent Rate, and alarm values are easily seen on the four-digit LCD screen. An audible alarm is activated if the dose or dose rate exceeds the preset value of the dosimeter. The alarm set points are adjustable from the face of the unit.

The optional Model 23 Series Dosimeter Setting Device and Software Kit (see Options tab below) can be used to configure the dosimeter settings and to quickly take data directly from the dosimeter via infrared communication to a PC. Up to 600 data points can be stored in the dosimeter. Note that all collected data is erased when the dosimeter is turned off, so the data must be transferred before the dosimeter is turned off in order to be recorded.

Warning: This dosimeter may not measure pulsed radiation accurately.

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