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Model 26-2

Frisking people and objects for alpha and beta contamination has always been a little awkward because manipulation of the detector and the electronics required the use of both hands. The cable-less Model 26-2 consolidates the electronics and the detector into one ergonomic housing. This optimized configuration incorporates a standard GM pancake detector and large auto-ranging LCD display into one convenient package, making it easier than ever to detect contamination. 

Operation is simplified through the use of just two buttons. The MAX mode feature, which captures the highest or peak count rate, is particularly convenient whenever the display is not directly visible. The timed frisk mode allows the user to frisk for a fixed time interval. This instrument incorporates low power circuitry, delivering hundreds of hours of use with just two standard “AA” size batteries. The calibrator can protect parameters (cps/cpm, response time, alarm points, and frisk time) or allow the user to adjust them.

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