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Model 54R Series

Small article monitors tend to be large, cumbersome instruments with multiple sensitive plastic scintillator detectors, case-mounted electronics, and heavy lead shielding. These characteristics tend to make them difficult to update when upgraded performance is desired or the monitor is no longer supported by the original manufacturer. However, Ludlum Measurements offers an option to update a small article monitor with comparative ease.

The Model 54R Series is a set of electronics designed to retrofit existing small article monitors to give them the same operational performance and features as the Ludlum Model 54 small article monitor. The Model 54R is designed to retrofit Eberline BWM-10 monitors, and the Model 54R-11 is designed to retrofit Thermo SAM-11 and SAM-9 monitors. Retrofitting allows the heavy instrument to remain in its former location with less disruption while other work continues. The chassis is designed to replace the existing electronics with little or no modifications to the existing monitor. It can work with existing detectors or Ludlum can provide replacement detectors to raise the sensitivity to the level of a new instrument.

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