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Model HWM-21

The Model HWM-21 small article monitor is designed for the measurement and release of small items such as tools, hard hats, personal protective equipment, documents, and measuring instruments.

The standard equipment includes:

  • 2 gamma PVT detectors
  • 15 mm (0.6 in.) lead shielding
  • Two door interlock system with the option to use one door only
  • Easy to clean stainless steel housing
  • Integrated 7 in. touch-screen display
  • Automated measuring process with user guidance
  • Energy filter settings to optimize discrimination of background radiation from licensed material

The Model HWM-21 provides fast and reliable detection of gamma emitting contamination, based on the latest measurement electronics. With the integrated maintenance modules, the system can be updated continuously to keep up its high performance for every measuring task now and in the future.

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