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Stick-On Check Source Holder

This unique product fastens Ludlum's very thin (0.010 inches thick) plastic laminate type check source in sizes up to 1.0 inch in diameter to instruments using an industrial strength adhesive. This design offers a lower cost alternative to Ludlum's standard plastic disk type sources and Mechanical Holder.

The plastic laminate source with accompanying stick-on source holder is the only type of source and holder approved for use with any of Ludlum's Intrinsically Safe type instruments. 

The stick-on holder comes in two parts; a double-sided back sticker that mounts directly to the instrument, and a cover sticker that is applied to retain the source after it has been placed on the sticky back.  The cover has a clear window permitting you to read the check source label.  The cover also has a "DO NOT REMOVE" warning printed on it.

The Stick-On Holder is available separately to use with your own sources (meeting the diameter and thickness criteria) or you can purchase it from Ludlum together with a source. See the Check Sources with Stick-On Holder page for information about what sources are available.

Note: A check source is not included when just purchasing the Stick-On Holder; it is shown in the accompanying pictures for reference only.

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