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Asphalt Laboratory Products

NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace

Thermo Scientific NCAT asphalt content furnace accommodates larger sample testing, which reduces labor and costs.


InstroTek’s SmartLoader is a variable speed universal load frame that can perform a multitude of monotonic loading tests. The SmartLoader is perfect for Balanced Mix Design (BMD) testing and comes preprogrammed with a number of BMD tests, including IDEAL-CT (Cracking Test), IDEAL-RT (Rutting Test), IFIT, and LSU SCB test.


The Smart-Jig is a completely independent testing jig with the first integrated load cell, electronics, and Bluetooth connectivity that makes capturing, reporting, and sharing data seamlessly.

Lab Scales

InstroTek is an industry leader in high-performance laboratory scales for asphalt, soil and concrete labs. Our customer service agents will work with you to ensure you get the units you need at the best possible price. With a wide selection of makes and models, InstroTek is a one-stop-shop for all your scale needs. Let us help you get the right scale at the right price.