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Asphalt Laboratory Products

CoreDryPRO™ Rapid Asphalt Drying System

NEW! The CoreDryPRO is the fastest and most effective method for drying asphalt core samples in minutes without harming or destroying the sample.

The MiST2™
NEW! The Best and Fastest Method for Determining Asphalt Moisture Damage Just Got Better!
AutoRice™ Controller

InstroTek’s AutoRice is an automatic control unit allowing laboratory technicians to conduct Maximum Specific Gravity tests with the press of a button.


An innovative, non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids.

CoreDry w/ PumpSaver

CoreDry is an automatic system for rapid drying of material samples and objects. Use this device to remove moisture from your sample in minutes.

SmarTracker™ Hamburg Wheel

Offers several unique features that make testing safer, easier, and more accurate than existing more expensive wheel tracking systems.


InstroTek’s Auto_SCB is a precise and versatile device for conducting mechanical testing of asphalt mixtures at a fraction of the cost.

The M.i.S.T™

M.i.S.T. (Moisture Induced Stress Tester) is designed as a totally new, quick, and logical method for testing moisture damage susceptibility of asphalt mixtures.

ACT™ Asphalt Compatibility Tester

The Asphalt Compatibility Tester (ACT) is a fast, straightforward method to evaluate the adhesion properties of asphalt binder and aggregates in the mixture. This test uses LED light and detection system to measure the color change that may occur as a result of ASTM D 3625 (Boil Test Method).

Asphalt Shear Compactor

Asphalt engineers know the importance of a representative sample during any laboratory performance testing. The precise shearing motion of the ASC replicates the conditions of field compaction in order to reproduce the field properties of asphalt, quickly and easily under the controlled conditions of a laboratory.


The PumpSaver is a unique new method for the removal of moisture in air prior to entering a vacuum pump. The device extends the life of vacuum pumps by reducing the amount of water entering the pump. It also increases pump efficiency by offering a lower resistance to air flow as opposed to a desiccant style air drier that actually inhibits the free flow of air. Using the PumpSaver also eliminates the requirement for a desiccant type air drier and eliminates the need to continually replace or recycle desiccant materials.

AutoXtract™ Automatic Asphalt Extraction System

The AutoXtract is an innovative device that automates the processes associated with asphalt extraction and recovery. The unit has been designed for the determination of asphalt content in mixtures as well as the characterization of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) properties.

eDry™ Asphalt Emulsion Drying Kit

The NEW eDry Upgrade Kit for the InstroTek CoreDry™ is the quickest and most effective method for drying asphalt emulsions. In less than 30 minutes, the CoreDry eDry Emulsion Kit can be used to dry up to 5 grams of asphalt emulsions. CoreDry’s patented vacuum technology allows pavement engineers to quickly determine the appropriate binder content and application rates while retaining the rheological properties of the binder.


The InstroTek HWT-Pro is a comprehensive verification and diagnostic device for the Hamburg Wheel Tracker. The HWT-Pro can measure and report your machine's deviation from AASHTO T-324 calibration requirements. The HWT-Pro also follows the recommendations of NCHRP Project 20-07 Task 361 conducted at Louisiana State University.

The Ignition Panel™(AASHTO T 308 & ASTM D6307)

The Ignition Panel™ is a front panel upgrade for the NCAT Asphalt Content furnace. The NCAT Furnace is widely used in the asphalt industry for accurate determination of asphalt content and quality control of pavements. The Ignition Panel upgrades the current units with advanced electronic components and improves the functionality and efficiency of the furnace while preserving its accuracy, reliability, and user experience.